Monday, 17 March 2014

Musing Monday - Dive Into Documentaries

Dive in to Documentaries 
Telling the life of F1 racing driver Ayrton Senna, this fast-paced documentary grips you from start to finish using a combination of archived interviews; raw racing footage; and Senna’s personal home videos; that allow us to truly see the glory and struggles of a man in the sport he loved so much. Even with no prior knowledge of the man or the sport this film allows you to truly connect with Senna in a time where politics in F1 and his bitter rivalry with Alain Prost came to blows. This film is easily one of my favourites.  

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters 
A documentary that takes you into the world of arcade gaming and a lust for high-scores may not sound too appealing, but I have rarely felt such a strong will, while watching a film, for one man to conquer another. Much like Nintendo’s Donkey Kong game, this film has us yearning for Steve Weibe (the Challenger) to overcome all the obstacles in his way (a questionably rigged team of validators and the interrogation over his machine, among others) so that he can ultimately defeat the brilliantly wicked villain of this film Billy Mitchell (the current high score holder) and claim what is rightfully his: that Donkey Kong High Score. An excellent immersive documentary.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to his Son about his Father 
One of the most heartfelt documentaries of all time. A man set out to record the life of his late good friend Andrew Bagby so that his newborn son could know more of his wonderful life. What begins as just this, with moving interviews with friends and family and footage from Andrews life, sharply turns into a haunting search for justice over his murder. This is a heart-wrenching story that has you holding back both tears and anger as you desire to uncover the truth. 
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
This somewhat unusual film takes us to Tokyo to meet 85-year-old Jiro Ono, the owner of a Sushi Restaurant in the less than glamorous Ginza Tokio Subway Station. Nevertheless, through his traditional and fiercely dedicated style, we learn that this man has earned the coveted 3 Michelin Stars. As his waiting list begins to exceed his likely years left, his son Yoshikazu must prepare for the daunting task of stepping into the shoes of his lauded father. A beautiful tale of a humble, yet driven, man and a dip into Japanese family culture and cuisine.

Searching for Sugar Man  
This Best Documentary Oscar winner is an inspired story of two South African men hoping to find their musical hero and icon, Rodriguez, who, although being an unknown in the United States where his records were released, went on to become a soundtrack of the apartheid movement in SA. With rumours of his suicide these filmmakers try to track down the truth, instead what they found was extraordinary. The songs have been in my head ever since.    

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