Monday, 10 March 2014

In the beginning...

In the beginning...
Hello and welcome to my very own movie blog. I know what you’re thinking - “Wow that’s so original, coming up with an idea for a movie blog all on your own! Why has no one else thought of that? Choo-choo, next stop, Millionaires-ville!” - and I’d like to thank you for your kind words. The format of this will be quite simple:
Musing Monday - Do you get it? It’s like the title of the blog. I’ll be keeping you on your toes with crackers like that all week so watch out. On this day (sounding a bit like the Bible again there, might have to tone it down) I’ll be discussing a bit of everything. Most likely will be a review of a film I have recently watched & my thoughts on this blogging business. Right that’s enough of Monday I know you want to skip ahead, it’s exciting I don’t blame you. Now just breathe and calm down, here’s…
Newsday Tuesday - Firstly that is one fantastic name right there, it rhymes and everything. I wanted the others to be just as strong as that name but it was taking to long. If you haven’t guessed already this will be about News: upcoming films, maybe throw in a trailer or two, the possibilities are…well, pretty limited. 
Where-in-the-World Wednesday - You see what I mean, it’s difficult to do these rhyming names, so I just gave up. Anyway I wanted a section on World Cinema (to steal from the politically correct but recently bankrupt Blockbuster store of my hometown), or also known as Foreign Films if you are just xenophobic. (“Wow that’s quite strong out the box accusing someone of being xenophobic on the first post don’t you think?” “Ah well lets just all roll with it”). The genres in this section will vary wildly, some weeks maybe Action/Adventure, the next maybe Romance or Drama. Wow, isn’t this getting good!
Director Thursday - I know what you’re thinking, you’ve completely given up on the catchy titles and it’s only Thursday. Well for your information I was thinking of putting Direct(h)or Thursday just so it rhymed slightly, so I think we should all be grateful that we avoided that awful, and potentially blog-damaging, play-on-words. This will be a spotlight on certain Directors, either ones who are on upcoming projects or just some of my favourites.
Flashback Friday - Boom! Where did I pull that great name from? (Honestly I don’t actually remember, but it is far too good for the creator of ‘Director Thursday’ to have come up with on his own. I just hope it isn’t Copyrighted). This will be a look back at some of the all time classics in Movie history. Hop into this bloody hilarious time machine and there is no parameter on how far back we’ll go. Except as long as it is not before the 1890’s otherwise there really won’t be much content. 
…and there you have it! Ladies and Gentlemen, I do hope you’re ready for this wild ride of entertainment…I know I’m not.  
Coming Up Tomorrow on Newsday Tuesday: An extremely belated Oscar Roundup
(This blog must be about movies because good god did you see that picture of delicious popcorn?! Is it Sweet or Salted though? Who knows I copied it from Google Images.) 
Question time - What’s your favourite type of popcorn?

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